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Create Your Own Custom Whiteboard!

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We understand –

  • Maybe you have a specific place in your house that one of our whiteboards would be perfect for, but we don’t offer that size as standard.
  • Or maybe you have a particular design in mind that we don’t currently make, like a weekly calendar.
  • Maybe you want to send us a photo of your kids and use it as the background.
  • Or maybe you like one of our current whiteboard designs, and you just want to tweak it a little.
We can do that for you. We manufacture all of our own products at our Colorado facility, meaning we can produce almost anything you can imagine. So yes, you can request:
  • Any whiteboard size – up to 48” x 96”. (Keep in mind that large items often have to ship by motor freight instead of UPS, so shipping costs will go up.)
  • Any background design – as long as you own the image and it meets our quality standards.
  • Any printing – add or remove words, lines, grids, etc. 
  • Any frame color – send us a color sample and we’ll match it as close as we can. Or we can send a primed frame if you want to paint/finish it yourself.
  • Any function – we can create a board for almost any need you have. Send an example of what you want produced, a hand drawn sketch, or just describe it for us, and we'll design it and send you a proof for your approval. 

Here are some examples of custom whiteboards we’ve produced: