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What is Whiteboard Ghosting?

Is Your Whiteboard Being Haunted? Read on to Learn About Whiteboard Ghosting

If you’ve ever used a whiteboard at work, school or home, you know what whiteboard ghosting is even if you don’t know that’s what it is called. Ghosting is when the surface of the whiteboard won’t fully erase, leaving behind stray marks and stains that make your whiteboard look dirty or make it hard to read.  It’s like the “ghosts of writings past” stay behind on your whiteboard to haunt your future!

What Causes Ghosting?

Ghosting can be caused by several things.

First, most lower-quality whiteboards will ghost at some point because unfortunately the traditional whiteboard material is susceptible to that. Cleaners and rubbing alcohol can extend their life to an extent by providing a “deeper” clean than an eraser, but at some point the traditional whiteboard will be permanently ghosted and will need to be replaced.

Beside just repeated or normal use, ghosting can also be caused by:

  1. Using lower-quality markers.
  2. Erasing the whiteboard with a dirty cloth or eraser.
  3. Repeated or heavy use.
  4. Leaving marks on the whiteboard for an extended time.
  5. Erasing marks when still wet.

How Can I Avoid Ghosting?

Tailor Made Whiteboards writing surface is different than the traditional whiteboard surface – in fact, it’s not even white! Tailor Made has a unique, specially-treated clear dry erase surface so it can’t be permeated by dry or wet erase markers. Even permanent markers can be erased from Tailor Made Whiteboards writing surface – although we would never suggest you use them. The surface is similar to glass, without the susceptibility to breakage.

The clear dry erase surface is specifically formulated to never ghost, and the artwork or graphic of the whiteboard is held behind the clear surface, ensuring that the graphic also stays bright and vibrant for years to come.

And when it comes to erasing your whiteboard, Tailor Made Whiteboards can be easily cleaned with just a dry eraser or a bit of water. This is especially important if you don’t like exposing yourself or your family to harsh, unnatural chemicals.  

Tailor Made Whiteboard Construction

Because Tailor Made Whiteboards writing surface is clear, we have several Graphic Panel options that work well with light colored or white wet-erase markers, giving your whiteboard a unique look and feel that standard whiteboards can’t replicate.  See our popular “Chalkboard” design, which works with a range of wet or dry-erase marker colors.


Tailor Made Whiteboards' "Chalkboard" Menu Planner Whiteboard in Black

Cost Considerations

In short – whiteboard ghosting will happen to low-cost whiteboards no matter how careful you are about erasing and cleaning the board. However, if you only need a whiteboard for short-term use or don’t mind replacing your whiteboard every 6 months to a year, a standard whiteboards may fit your needs. Many styles sell at office supply stores for $20 - $30.

However, if you want a whiteboard that stands the test of time and are willing to make a longer-term investment in order to get years of continued use, consider a Tailor Made Whiteboard. The initial investment cost is more, but many years of continued use will make this option less expensive in the long run. 

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