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Three Tips for Selecting the Best Whiteboard Markers

Three Tips for Selecting the Best Whiteboard MarkersWhiteboards are an effective tool for keeping track of important information, and they work best when you can read them! Using the right marker on your dry-erase board will ensure the text shows up well on the writing surface and stays there until you want to remove it. The best marker for you will depend upon the whiteboard you have and how you want to use it. As you are shopping for markers, here are a few points for you to consider:

1. Choose a Marker Color that Provides the Most Contrast

Not all whiteboards are white. Tailor Made’s whiteboard Calendars, Memo Boards and Menu Planners can be customized and personalized to match any home’s unique décor, and come in many colors and designs. Generally, a black marker provides the most contrast on light backgrounds and makes your whiteboard easier to read. The other colors in a typical dry-erase marker four-pack, blue, green, and red, also work pretty well on most whiteboards and can be used to differentiate items by deadline or other criteria. But again, black is easiest to read on a white or light whiteboard surface. Lighter colors, like white, pink, yellow and orange work best on dark background boards or black dry erase boards, like the green or black “Chalkboard” designs by Tailor Made.

2. Choose Dry-Erase for Ease, Wet-Erase to Last

Standard dry-erase markers are easy to use because they wipe off with a standard whiteboard eraser. However, the writing does smudge more easily when touched. Wet-erase markers are less likely to smudge when your hand rests on the board while writing and touches what is already written there. Text written with wet-erase markers will last longer but will require water, like a moistened tissue or cloth, to erase the writing. These are probably the best choice for a whiteboard calendar, because you want the writing to last up to a month without getting accidentally rubbed off.

3. Choose a Marker with the Tip that Fits the Space Skinny tip, fat tip or chisel tip? Of course, there are always tradeoffs. Your choice of marker tips will be based on personal preference, the amount of information you want to write, and how much room you have for it. Fine-point markers work well if you need to write small, however, your eyes must be closer to the board to read the writing. Fat tips apply more color and are easier to read from a distance. A nice compromise is the chisel tip, because it allows you to make fine or thick lines, but some people find this type of marker hard to manipulate. You might want a variety of markers on hand to meet your exact needs. 

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