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Introducing “Art Deco Chalkboard” Dry Erase Boards

Another new addition to our popular “Chalkboard” whiteboard styles has arrived! “Art Deco Chalkboard” encapsulates the distinctive style that emerged during the Roaring Twenties, with a bold geometric pattern and an angular 1920s inspired typeface. The simplicity of the design makes it a perfect fit for a variety of home design styles.

Tailor Made Whiteboards Black Art Deco Chalkboard Weekly Planner / Menu PlannerTailor Made Whiteboards Green Art Deco Chalkboard Whiteboard Calendar

“This design will obviously resonate with Art Deco-themed interiors,” said Tailor Made Whiteboards’ in-house designer Patti Stone. “It’s also easy to imagine the design going well with Mission, Arts and Crafts or most Contemporary interiors. Art Deco Chalkboard’s clean, classic lines are beautiful and timeless.”

Tailor Made Whiteboard Green Art Deco Chalkboard Meal Planner / Weekly Calendar OrganizerTailor Made Whiteboards Black Art Deco Chalkboard Calendar Whiteboard Personalized

 “Art Deco Chalkboard” joins the rest of our “Chalkboard” design group, which also includes “Southwestern Chalkboard” and the original “Chalkboard." All are available in our whiteboard Calendars, Menu Planners / Weekly Planners, or Dry Erase Memo Boards.  And the new “Art Deco Chalkboards,” like the rest of our “Chalkboard” designs, are available in either a dark green or black background. This makes it a perfect choice to use with our white or neon wet erase markers.

Tailor Made Whiteboards Green Art Deco Chalkboard Memo Board WhiteboardTailor Made Whiteboards Black Art Deco Chalkboard Message Center Dry Erase Board

The “Art Deco Chalkboard” designs are available on the Tailor Made Website now – click here to browse this new design plus all of our other available designs. Or if you need a custom whiteboard solution, such as a different size or a modified design, contact us today! 

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