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What are Tailor Made Whiteboards?

Tailor Made Whiteboards are high quality, handcrafted dry erase boards that help you organize your life. We offer whiteboard CalendarsMenu Planners, and Memo Boards, or we can produce a custom whiteboard for your specific needs.

All of the company’s products are handmade in Arvada, Colorado, and are guaranteed to wipe clean and remain stain-free for many years of use.

Where can I buy Tailor Made Whiteboards? 

We sell our white boards on Etsy. You can also contact us with questions or for custom ordering information. 

What is a changeable whiteboard?Tailor Made Whiteboards Changeable Whiteboard DesignTailor Made Whiteboards Layers of Dry Erase Material

Tailor Made Whiteboard’s product design allows you to easily change the graphic panel of your whiteboard. New graphic panel inserts are available for purchase by contacting one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Which side of the clear dry erase surface should be facing forward?

The back of your clear dry erase pane has a "BACKSIDE (THIS SIDE IN)" sticker to signify which side should be faced in.

How do I hang my Tailor Made Whiteboard?

All standard size Tailor Made Whiteboards come equipped with keyhole slots, screws, and a mounting template for easy hanging. Simply use the mounting template to accurately place the screws into the wall, and use the keyhole slots to hang your Tailor Made Whiteboard on the screws.

For accurate results, the tools you will need include: a power drill with a 3/16'' drill bit, a Phillips head screw driver, and a level.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the instructions, or read the steps below.

Step 1. Position the mounting template on the wall in the desired location, and using the pre-measured holes as a template, mark the location of mounting holes (keyhole slots.) Make sure the mounting template is level before drilling into the wall.

Step 2. For 24-inch wide keyhole slots, use the outer-most holes marked “A”. For 18-inch wide keyhole slots, use the middle set of holes marked “B”. For 12-inch wide keyhole slots, use the inner-most holes marked “C”. If you are unsure of which set of holes to use, measure the distance between keyhole slots on the back of your whiteboard, then and use the corresponding holes on the template.

Step 3. If mounting to wall studs, drill 1/8” pilot holes into the two marks through the wallboard and into the supporting studs. With a screwdriver, insert two screws into the two holes. Do not tighten all the way. Leave each screw ¼” extended from the wall. Hang the whiteboard on these two screws using the keyhole slots. If the whiteboard is too far away from the wall, remove the whiteboard and tighten the screws for a closer fit.

Step 4. If mounting to drywall or plaster, use the anchors supplied in the hardware kit. Drill two 1/8” pilot holes in wall where previously marked. Push the anchors into each hole. With a screwdriver, insert two screws into the two anchors. Do not tighten all the way. Leave each screw ¼” extended from the wall. Hang the whiteboard on these two screws using the keyhole slots. If the whiteboard is too far away from the wall, remove the whiteboard and tighten the screws for a closer fit.

Please note, some larger size custom boards may have an included mounting kit with brackets in place of the keyhole slots to ensure the stability of your board’s mounting.

Tailor Made Whiteboards Neon Chalk Wet Erase Markers

What should I use to write on my Tailor Made Whiteboard?

Only use markers labeled “Dry-Erase” or “Wet-Erase” with your Tailor Made Whiteboards. Do not use a permanent marker, or any other writing utensil on your Whiteboard. For more information on marker selection, refer to 3 Tips for Selecting the Best Dry-Erase Board Markers.

How do I clean my Tailor Made Whiteboard?

All Tailor Made Whiteboards have a treated surface, engineered to wipe clean easily and never ghost. If using a dry-erase marker, clean with a dry eraser or a soft cloth. If using a wet-erase marker, clean with a damp cloth or a bit of water and a soft cloth. A bit of dish soap can also be used to clean the whiteboard. Do not use any chemical cleaners with your Tailor Made Whiteboards, as these can damage the specially treated surface of our boards.

I wrote on my Tailor Made Whiteboard with a permanent marker. What do I do now? 

In the event that a permanent marker was used on your Tailor Made Whiteboard, use a Dry-Erase marker and write over the permanent ink. Be sure to completely cover the permanent ink with dry-erase ink. Then with an eraser or soft cloth, remove the dry erase marker. Repeat as necessary to remove the permanent ink.



How long does it take to make my whiteboard?

Tailor Made Whiteboards are handmade to order using the highest quality materials. Once an order is placed, it takes: 3 to 5 business days for dry erase boards; 7 business days for custom orders; and 10 business day for combo dry erase /cork/fabric boards to be made and shipped from our Arvada, Colorado location. We can sometime expedite our make time - if you need a board faster, please contact us. For shipping times, see below.

How long does it take to ship my whiteboard?

Tailor Made Whiteboards are shipped via UPS ground shipping, which generally takes 3 to 5 business days. Expedited shipping is available for purchase on Etsy, or you can contact us to expedite your shipping. Large custom items may need to be shipped via truck line, and you will be informed if this is the case as part of your custom order quote.

Can my whiteboard be shipped outside the U.S.? 

Tailor Made Whiteboards is able to ship almost anywhere. In order to ship outside of the U.S., please contact us by phone or email to make arrangements and receive a shipping quote. Foreign shipments may be subject to additional duty charges and other customs fees. 



Tailor Made Whiteboards Personalize Your Whiteboard Add A Photo

What photo file types do you accept for personalized whiteboards?

We accept .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tiff, or.bmp file formats

What photo sizes do you accept for personalized whiteboards?

Photos can be up to 8 megabytes (8 MB or 8,000KB). Photo pixel dimensions should be 250 dpi or higher for best results.

Are there any photos you will not accept?

All photos must meet our Image Acceptance Guidelines, listed below. Tailor Made Whiteboards reserves the right to approve or deny any image at our sole discretion.

Image Acceptance Guidelines:

  • If I am using a copyrighted image, I certify that I own the rights to that image.
  • We will not accept copyrighted or trademarked material, including branded products. If you did not take the photo, or do not own the image or rights to the product, we cannot print it.
  • We will not accept provocative, lewd, or sexual content – including nude or semi-nude pictures of people of any age.
  • We will not accept images which could be considered to show violence or violent acts, blood, gore, or injury.
  • We will not accept images showing discriminatory behavior or signs.
  • We will not accept profanity or other obscene behavior or gestures.



What customization options are available? 

All of our standard board have the following customization options:

  • Choose your frame color – Black, White, Oak, Maple, or Walnut.
  • Add a matching tray to any board.
  • Add a photo to any design – each design has a “basic” and “personalized” option. Choose the “basic” option if you want the design only, and the “personalized” option if you would like to add a personal photo. 

Or you have even more options if you design a totally custom board: 

  • Any whiteboard size up to 48” x 96”, including “odd” sizes
  • Any design, provided by you...
  • ...or change one of our standard boards or custom examples
  • Any frame color
  • Add a matching cork or fabric board
  • And more. We welcome any and all custom requests even if it's not listed here. See our Custom Designs page for more details and examples of custom designed boards.  

I like one of your designs but want to change it a little. Can I do that?

Any of our designs can be altered at your request. Should you desire any changes to your Tailor Made Whiteboards, please contact us so we can assist you.

Can you make a design or size I don’t see on your website?

Yes!  Customization is our specialty!
To begin, we will need an example or sketch of the board you would like us to build, and the size you would like the board to be (we can produce any size up to 48” x 96”.) From there, we’ll create a digital proof for you to approve. This option is perfect if you want something that isn’t currently part of our product line, like a weekly calendar or an extra large dry erase board. See our Custom Designs page for examples of custom whiteboards we’ve created.

What if I want a different frame color?

Should you desire a frame color that isn’t one of our standard options (Walnut, Maple, Oak, Black, or White,) please contact us. We hand mix all of our custom paint colors, so you may be asked to provide a color swatch or select a Pantone® color for us to match. We can also make a primed-only frame if you want to finish it yourself. 

I want a matching cork or fabric board. Can you make one for me?
Sure, we can make you a matching framed cork or fabric board. Just contact us by phone or email and we’ll provide you with a quote.



What is your return policy? 

Please see our Etsy policies for return or exchange information. 

We want you to be utterly satisfied with your purchase — please contact us with any questions or concerns related to your purchase and we will do our very best to resolve it.

Will the color I see displayed on the website be exactly what my finished product looks like? 

Tailor Made Whiteboards has made every effort possible to ensure the color of our products displayed are as close as possible to the color of the finished product. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match in color as the colors on the screen are limited by technology and may vary due to screen and printer settings. 


Still have a question? Please contact us.