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Custom Whiteboards for Special Education Classroom

At Tailor Made Whiteboards, we love working with our customers to create Custom Dry Erase Boards for their home or business. But working with Tracy W. was an especially rewarding experience, as we knew her custom whiteboards would be put to great use, helping her organize her special education student’s daily schedules.

Tracy contacted us with this custom request: “I would like to have something like your ‘Chalkboard’ Calendar Whiteboard, only where it says ‘month’ I would rather have a place to put my student’s name. I would like Monday through Friday along the top and then along the side I would like a place to put each student’s activities during the week, such as reading, math, music, P.E. and writing therapy. Then underneath each day of the week I’d like a place to put that student’s lessons for that day that correspond to each activity.”

We were excited to be able to work with Tracy to produce the exact whiteboard she wanted. For her custom boards, we modified our Black “Chalkboard” Calendar board to her specifications, plus created a custom 24” tall by 30” wide size to accommodate eight rows to write in the student’s activities and lessons. We finished the boards with a classic Oak frame, and made one for each student in Tracy’s classroom, six boards total. We were even able to modify our shipping to accommodate Tracy’s school schedule, sending the boards the day after the students returned from winter break.

We hope Tracy’s students love the finished dry erase boards and are putting them to good use! And if you’re inspired to design a custom whiteboard for your home or business, contact Tailor Made Whiteboards today!

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