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Custom Whiteboard for Weight Loss Center

When dieting, many experts recommend recognizing all important milestones, not just the number of pounds lost. And that was the spirit behind our most recent custom dry erase board created for the NJ Center for Health & Healing.We created a custom Non Scale Victories board for the center’s weight loss program to help their participants celebrate all their health victories.

Tailor Made Whiteboards Custom Non Scale Victory Dry Erase BoardTailor Made Whiteboards Custom Dry Erase Board for Weight Loss Center 

The Center contacted us requesting we make a modified version of our “Chevron” Memo Board Whiteboard. They requested that the size be altered to a larger, horizontal orientation, 36” wide by 24” high, so all weight-loss participants would have plenty of room to write. They also requested we change “The List” in the top left hand corner to read “Non Scale Victories” and that their business logo be added to the bottom right hand corner. Finally, they wanted the entire board’s color scheme to coordinate with their logo, so we changed the chevron stripes to aqua blue and white, and the “Non Scale Victories” text to lime green.

Tailor Made Whiteboards Custom Whiteboard for Weight Loss ClinicTailor Made Whiteboards Custom Dry Erase Board for Weight Loss Center

We hope the NJ Center for Health & Healing is thrilled with their custom whiteboard, and that all of their weight loss clients love the motivation of the new Non Scale Victories whiteboard! If you need a custom whiteboard for your home or business, contact us today

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