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Personalization Options

Use Tailor Made Whiteboards to Simplify Your LifeTailor Made Whiteboards can be Personalized

  • We offer two sizes, both with various artwork and design layouts.
  • Each Tailor Made Whiteboard comes elegantly framed in your choice of solid maple, walnut, or oak, or finished in white or black, to complement any home décor.
  • All of our whiteboards have an option to include a matching tray as well; perfect for holding markers, erasers, keys, jewelry or notes!
  • Add your favorite photo to any of our whiteboard designs for free! Whether it's a family photo, a special picture of a loved one, or your favorite pet, you can add a personal touch to any of our Tailor Made Whiteboards! 
  • For a one-of-a-kind design that is truly your own, please visit our Fully Custom Designs page for details and information about how to design your very own whiteboard!

Size Options

Our standard Tailor Made Whiteboard size is 18'' x 24'', with artwork designs that are either horizontally or vertically oriented. Our "Space Saver" Tailor Made Whiteboards are 12'' x 18'' and are mostly vertically oriented. The Space Saver designs closely resemble their standard size counterpart, but are designed to fit in cabinets, on your refrigerator, or in other areas where space may be a concern.

Frame Choices

Tailor Made Whiteboards Frame Options


Tailor Made Whiteboards uses high-quality maple, walnut, and oak to frame our boards, or a black or white painted wood frame selection. Each wood choice is finished with a clear coating, similar to a framed piece of fine art. All whiteboards are framed and come with a backer behind the board, which together with the frame, seal the artwork design behind the dry-erase surface.

Want a frame color other than maple, oak, walnut, white or black? We can make our frames in whatever color you want! Please visit our Fully Custom Whiteboards page for more details.


Quick Change Frame

All Tailor Made Whiteboards have the option to add a removable frame feature, turning the whiteboard into a "Quick Change" whiteboard. This allows you to change the whiteboard artwork design at your own discretion without having to buy an additional new whiteboard! Our removable frames are easy to use and are designed to work with each of our frame choices. Turn your menu board into a calendar without having to buy a new whiteboard! Change the function of your whiteboard quickly and easily by simply swapping out different artwork designs. With various designs to choose from, your Tailor Made Whiteboard can change to fit your evolving lifestyle or home décor. Add a holiday design or update your family picture and keep your whiteboard up to date! Additional artwork designs are sold separately, or create your own custom design by contacting one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Personalize Any Design for FREE!

Each one of our Tailor Made Whiteboards Graphic Panel designs has the option of adding your own photo to the design to create a personalized whiteboard! Choose a "Personalized" design in either the Standard or Super Saver size, and then use our Customizer Page to add your own photo to the design. Create a lasting keepsake by adding family photos, pictures of pets, or a portrait of cherished loved ones to your Tailor Made Whiteboard. At no additional cost, you can make any of our stylish and functional designs your very own!

Add A Matching Tray To Any Whiteboard

Add A Matching Tray!

Add a matching tray to any Tailor Made Whiteboard! Keep dry-erase markers and erasers handy, or use the tray to keep track of important items like car keys or jewelry! After choosing your design and frame, you will have the opportunity to add a tray to your order. No matter the design size or orientation, you can personalize your Tailor Made Whiteboard by adding a matching tray!

Fully Customize Your Own Tailor Made Whiteboard

Don't see a design that you like? Want a different size Tailor Made Whiteboard? We've got you covered! Tailor Made Whiteboards designs and manufactures all of our products right here in the USA, and can design anything to your specific needs. We can turn anything into a dry-erase board of your choosing! Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives who can work with you to create your very own fully customized Tailor Made Whiteboard.