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Benefits of a High-Quality Tailor Made Whiteboard

Tailor Made Whiteboards - About Our Whiteboards


A $10 whiteboard will not blend with your custom cabinets. Our whiteboards will. 

Tailor Made Whiteboards Mean Quality Custom WhiteboardsWith a variety of artistic designs and elegant frame choices, our dry-erase boards will help simplify your life while matching your home’s décor. Each Tailor Made Whiteboard is handcrafted and made to order. We take the time to ensure your whiteboard is perfectly finished and will blend seamlessly into your home, from creating modern designs to hand finishing the board. We listen to what our customers want and create beautiful products that meet their needs. 

Tailor Made Whiteboards' dry erase surface is different from any other whiteboard surface. 

Our clear dry erase surface is specially treated so whiteboard markers cannot penetrate it. Our surface will never stain or discolor and your satisfaction is guaranteed. All Tailor Made Whiteboards are engineered to continuously and easily wipe clean and to never ghost. Want more information on our surface vs. our competitor’s surfaces? Click here to see a comparison. 


Tailor Made Whiteboards High Quality Design

Office products have a place, but it’s not in your home.

Don’t settle for plain or cheap looking products to help you organize your home space. Tailor Made Whiteboards combines the best of both worlds – you get an attractive looking product and the organization features you need.

We’ve created several modern, functional designs, including our popular “Chalkboard” whiteboard styles. And because we produce all of our products at our Arvada, Colorado location, you can tweak any of our designs to fit your needs, or create a whole new design for your specific needs. 


Tailor Made Whiteboards Changeable Whiteboard Design

Change your mind? Change your design. 

Tailor Made Whiteboards are all changeable whiteboards. This means you can change the design of your board any time you want, and it’s so easy to do!

Simply contact us for a new graphic panel.  Changing your board’s graphic panel is as easy as changing a picture in a picture frame. Follow our two-step instructions here



Don't compromise - customize. 

Don’t settle for good enough – we can make you exactly what you need. You can even modify one of our existing designs, or create a unique board that meets your requirements.

Tailor Made Whiteboards Standard Frame Color Options

All of our standard board have the following customization options:

  • Choose your frame color – Black, White, Oak, Maple, or Walnut.
  • Add a matching tray to any board.
  • Add a photo to any design – each design has a “basic” and “personalized” option. Choose the “basic” option if you want the design only, and the “personalized” option if you would like to add a personal photo. 


Tailor Made Whiteboards - Custom Dry Erase Board ExampleOr you have even more options if you design a totally custom board: 

  • Any whiteboard size up to 48” x 96”, including “odd” sizes
  • Any design, provided by you...
  • ...or change one of our standard boards or custom examples
  • Any frame color
  • Add a matching cork or fabric board - or create a custom command center. 
  • And more. We welcome any and all custom requests even if it's not listed here. 

Click here to see examples of custom designs we’ve produced. And we’re always happy to accommodate special requests if we can!

Our Specially Treated Dry Erase Surface:

  • Cheap whiteboards ghost easily. Tailor Made Whiteboards are designed to last a lifetime and never ghost.
  • Virtually maintenance free. Tailor Made Whiteboards only require occasional cleanings with water.
  • Tailor Made Whiteboards eliminate the need for expensive whiteboard cleaners that can harm indoor air quality. We recommend that you only use water to clean the dry erase surface, and discourage the use of chemicals on our boards. 

Dry Erase Surface Comparison Chart

  Melamine Painted Steel or Aluminum Tailor Made Whiteboards
Surface Information Manufactured with a porous, painted dry erase surface that allows marker ink to penetrate. Manufactured with multiple layers of coatings made up of a base coat in color (most commonly white) and a clear dry erase coating. A wide range of quality, they are highly susceptible to scratching that allows marker ink to penetrate. Manufactured with a nonporous dry erase surface that does not allow marker ink to penetrate.
Stain Resistance Stains and ghosts easily. Can become stained over time with regular use. Satisfaction guaranteed against staining and ghosting.
Maintenance Needs to be cleaned with whiteboard cleaners frequently. Needs to be cleaned with whiteboard cleaners frequently. Writing wipes away easily and effortlessly. Needs to be cleaned infrequently, with water or window cleaner.
Permanent Marker Removal Permanent marker cannot be removed. Permanent marker is very difficult and time-consuming to attempt to remove, and often cannot be removed. Permanent marker writing can be removed without much effort.
Quality Found at every "office supply" store, they are generally low quality and the cheapest option. Used primarily for custom or business purposes, they are on the more expensive end yet still may need to be replaced quickly. Our high quality custom whiteboards are hand-crafted and designed specifically with you in mind. Our personal touches combined with the best materials create a lasting product with quality that you can see and feel.
Value Must be replaced every 1 to 3 years, on average, due to excessive ghosting and staining. The least expensive dry erase surface. Must be replaced every 4 to 10 years, on average, due to excessive ghosting and staining. Typically the most expensive dry erase surface. Tailor Made Whiteboards are made to last a lifetime. They will not need to be replaced due to excessive ghosting and staining.