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What is Whiteboard Ghosting?

Tailor Made Whiteboards Chalkboard Menu Planner Black PersonalizedIf you’ve ever used a whiteboard at work, school or home, you know what whiteboard ghosting is even if you don’t know that’s what it is called. Ghosting is when the surface of the whiteboard won’t fully erase, leaving behind stray marks and stains that make your whiteboard look dirty or make it hard to read.  It’s like the “ghosts of writings past” stay behind on your whiteboard to haunt your future!...

Study Shows Healthy Diet Costs $1.50 More Per Day Than Unhealthy Diet

After years of debating how much more it really costs to hit up Whole Foods rather than McDonalds, a study finally gives a concrete figure for how much additional cost you’re facing if you choose to eat healthy. The recently published Harvard School of Public Health study shows that a more healthful diet costs on average $1.50 per day more than an unhealthy diet. While this dollar amount is less than many expected, it still means the extra cost is an additional hurdle for those trying to eat healthier. It also means than an average family of four can face an additional cost of over $2,000/year to eat healthier...

Tailor Made Whiteboards Launches New Designs at Denver Gift Show

Tailor Made Whiteboards, maker of customizable dry-erase boards for the home, will present new fall, winter, and holiday designs at the Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show at the Denver Mart, November 8 – 10. Special offers and savings will be available to shoppers who stop by the company’s booth over the three-day show...


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